Management Team

Co-Founder and CEO
Bryan Colin  linkedin_icon

“I had an extremely frustrating experience trying to rent an apartment in NYC and thought there must be a better way. I was fortunate to recognize the potential for VR and AR to fill the void so I jumped in head first. I searched around the world to find a team of brilliant people to help create technology that would allow us to create immersive VR content. By building from the ground up rather than copying and rebranding old technology, we have services that are far-reaching and apply to multiple industries beyond Real Estate tours.” Bryan’s professional background is in investments, gaming, hardware, and real estate. He graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in Business Management in 2006.

Co-Founder and CTO
Robin van der Zwan  linkedin_icon

“I’ve always been fascinated by the newest technology and future innovations, so working in a groundbreaking VR/AR company is a great fit. I get to spend a majority of my days inventing things that we’ve only dreamed of; there’s nothing better than that.” Robin graduated with a BS Computer Science from Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science in 2006.

Chief Robotics Officer
Filippo Alimonda

Filippo applies his understanding of electronics, machine intelligence and control theory to enhance the VR experience.

Chief Scientist, Head of CUDA Algorithm Creation
Dr. Octavio Paez Osuna, Ph.D. Mathematics

“Love the freedom to be able to invent for these emerging technologies. This company is creating an entirely better way of producing VR content and it’s an amazing opportunity to get to push the boundaries and see things that I have only dreamed about come to life.”

Head of Electrical Engineering
Michael Danielczuk

Mike graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton with a degree in Electrical Engineering and is a recipient of the Peter Mark Prize. He has previous experience in optical and electronic system design. “We are building every component of the VR system from scratch, a completely unique enterprise among VR companies, and I’m excited to use my knowledge to enhance the experience of all those who view and create virtual reality across a wide range of applications.”

Head of Mechanical Engineering
Honda Wong

Honda designs the parts, gadgets, and mechanical contraptions to help the team bridge the virtual and the reality.

Head of Web and Software
Anthony Garcia

Anthony holds 3 degrees in the areas of art, science, and technology. He integrates his diverse knowledge with his web development and various software skills to provide deployment solutions for our technology. “Virtual reality presents both creative and technical challenges. It’s great to work for a company that is dedicated to producing quality in both areas.”

Head of Augmented Reality
Sebastian Jakymiw

Sebastian uses his understanding of aesthetic principles and computer vision techniques to create augmented reality algorithms and applications.

Head of Growth
Jonathan Klein linkedin_icon

Jonathan drives strategic initiatives by building sponsorship partnerships with clients, investors and key influencers that focus on emerging technology, lifestyle and virtual reality applications. Jonathan graduated from Indiana University in 2008 with a degree in Management, followed by post-graduate education in Digital Media Marketing at NYU. “Virtual reality will transform the way we live, play and learn. Once the real world and the virtual world blend together, many barriers that exist in commerce and learning will disappear.”